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你好,我是 Sixian,1999 年出生于山城重庆。我在大学时与编程相遇,随后毅然决然地从营养学转至计算机专业。从 McGill University 毕业后,我加入苏州微软从事前端开发。两年后,我选择辞职,目前正在和其他四位女孩一起做时色 ,一款帮大家捕捉身边色彩的 app。


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My life's keyword is "free-spirited"

Hi, I'm Sixian, born in 1999 in Chongqing. I discovered my passion for programming during my university years and switched from Nutritional Sciences to CS. After graduating from McGill University, I joined Microsoft Suzhou as a front-end developer. Two years later, I quit my job, and now together with 4 other girls, I'm developing Seizo, an app to help you capture colors around you.

I love rock climbing. For me, it's an excellent form of dynamic meditation that allows me to detach from my thoughts and focus on my body, regaining control over it.

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I believe in the value of documenting my life, and I'll keep doing it. If you like my content, you can write me an email.

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